How many images do we get from our wedding?

We don't usually aim for a set number. We want to tell your story as best as possible but don't worry you'll get a good chunk of images! A typical eight hour wedding will receive at least 700 images and a one hour session will receive at least 50. 


How do we get our images/videos?

All your final images and videos will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery. From the gallery, you can download, share with friends and family, purchase prints, and more. We also include a custom usb flash drive with all of our wedding packages and we do offer albums that are designed by us. Click here to see more about our albums.


Do you edit all the images that we recieve?

You bet we do! All the images you get are carefully gone through and edited to the style of images on our website. 


How far do you travel?

We'll pretty much go anywhere!  We mainly serve the greater Philadelphia area but we have done work up and down the east coast and in other countries.


Do you have insurance?

Of course we do! If you or your venue need proof of it just let us know.


Do you have a photo booth?

Yup! We do offer a black and white photo booth. It's not your traditional booth but it's a "photo booth". We think it's better. You can get as creative as you would like with props to go with your wedding or keep it clean and simple.



Any other questions you might have please don't hesitate to reach out.