How To Make Your wedding Even Better

The one thing that you walk away with after you wedding is your photos or videos. below are a list of tips that we have gathered over the years to help you make your wedding even better. with these tips your photos and videos will be timeless and worth reliving!

getting ready

make sure to have a clean and uncluttered room

rooms with a lot of natural light are the best

have an accessible trash can to keep things clean and out of the way

keep bags and suitcases in the same place or room so you know where everything is

keep food and drinks in the same location away from where you’ll be getting dressed

have jewelry, shoes, bow ties/ties, cuff links, and any details together and ready to be photographed

have a nice hanger for photos of the wedding dress


make sure to smile when walking down the aisle

if you are nervous, focus on your finance waiting for you

for timeless ceremony photos we recommend no cell phones

Outdoor weddings should be in all shade or all sunlight

You just got married, be excited

Family Portraits 

make sure all family members in the formal photos knows where to be and at what time you are doing formals

a list of names of the people in photos works great to keep things in order and not miss anyone

Wedding Party Photos

make sure everyone knows to listen and pay attention to keep things on schedule

make sure nothing is in front pants pocket or jacket pockets

make sure all bridesmaids have their bouquets

Bride & Groom Portraits

remember that you are awesome

if your are nervous make sure to focus on each other

make sure nothing is in front pants pocket or jacket pockets

make sure to have your bouquet

Cocktail Hour

if attending cocktail hour use this time to greet all of your guests so you don’t waste your entire reception going from table to table to talk to everyone


the reception will go by quick so remember to have fun!

be present with what is going on


be sure to tell the photographers if you want any additional group photos with your guests